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Aj - WRITING (Wild animals)

29. 1. 2014


LOCATION: area between the eastern coast of Canada and the western coast of Europe
SIZE: 28 – 32 cm
WEIGHT: 368.5g – 481.9g
COLOUR: black, white, grey
DIET: herring, sprat
INTERESTING FACTS:they can reach speeds of 88 km/h; they can dive as deep as 60m
My favourite animals are Atlantic puffins. They live on the open ocean from the eastern coast of Canada to the western coast of Europe. They eat small fish.
They are black, white and grey with a coloured beak. They are sometimes called the sea parrots because of their large, triangular beak, which is red and yellow in the breeding season. They have got waterproof feathers so they can swim and dive into the cold water of the Atlantic Ocean. They are excellent swimmers but they are also fast in the air.
The breeding season lasts from April until mid-late August. The Puffin female lays a single white egg. Puffins can live for up to 20 years in the wild.